Top kids kamp

What to bring

Thanks for joining Top Kids Kamp.  We are excited to have your kid(s) with us and know they will enjoy the full experience. 


To help make their days as awesome as possible, here are a few things to remember:

  1. - Bring lunch, daily

  2. - We offer an afternoon snack

  3. - We also have snacks for sale in case they need more - you are more than welcome to start a family tab with us for any incidentals

  4. - Please ensure each kiddo has a bottle of water to use during camp

  5. - Weather permitting, we will go outside daily so be sure they have the appropriate clothing and foot-ware

  6. - An extra set of clothes, "just in case", never hurts but not required

  7. - Indoors, while in the gym area, they will be either in socks or with bare feet (no shoes allowed)

  8. - Every Friday at about 2:30pm, during the summer, we will have Splash Days so please provide a change of clothes and/or swimwear and a towel